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I think that it is scary to be unilaterally settled, but there is a margin call to urge people to pay attention (neglect can not be done if neglected) before a forced losscut is done It takes, it informs us, so if you want to avoid compulsory loss cut, you can also avoid unwilling compulsory loss cut by depositing additional margin. 

Also, since the margin maintenance rate at which compulsory loss cuts are executed will differ for each music company that uses it (note that neglecting negatively can lead to unrecoverable situations ) Is required. There are also housewives who made great profits with investment in music, but many housewives make big losses and can collapse homes.

Music investment with feature leverage can actually use large leverage, but on the other hand, you will hear much loss. Do not tell anyone, do invest hidden music or try not to truly import important money. We recommend you to be cautious when investing with lower leverage. 

Recently, it seems that there are considerably more people who use tablet terminals and smartphones, which are small PCs, and who use time to invest music. Returning to home, turning on the power of the notebook or desktop, looking at the chart and doing trading is much quicker than choosing the place, time and choice is the greatest advantage. 

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