Centro Educativo la Barranca

The foundation started the pilot project in September 2013 at the school El Centro Educativo la Barranca in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This modern school is located in La Coronilla neighbourhood which is one of the poorest of Guadalajara and which has 9 millions inhabitants. Thanks to our foundation, more than 350 children in nine different levels of studies will be able to get a musical training made up of:

·A weekly music appreciation class, which provides basic knowledge in music history, theory, listening, rhythmics, passion, and so on.

·A weekly singing class exploring music by beginning from the inside, and by way of the most natural instrument, the voice.

The weekly music appreciation class and the singing class began in September 2013; a choir was created, and will perform in several concerts.

After a first year of theory classes, the children will start to play an instrument, and they will have several practical courses during the week:

·They will have the possibility to choose an instrument from among the eight that the foundation offers: piano, violin, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. They will then take a weekly one-to-one class with young certified teachers who  have graduated from Guadalajara University.

·Those who have chosen to play an instrument will also be able to attend weekly musical ensemble classes: choir, orchestra, and chamber music, among others.

The foundation will, additionally, make it possible for the teachers whom it employs to continue their training through Masters-level classes given by recognized teachers from the Lausanne Conservatory for Music. This programme will give these young musicians the chance to perform in concerts outside Mexico.