Tour Crescendo con la Musica

We have just finished the very first tour for the Foundation Crescendo con la Musica, organized to collect funds for the school in Guadalajara, Centro Educativo la Barranca!

The tour was organized thanks to the founder and members of the Foundation, in communication with contacts from four different Mexican cities:

Guaymas    Durango    Guadalajara    Mexico City

Guaymas, Sonora, 17. June

Two solo concerts were given by Jorge Viladoms Weber in the salon of "Bellas Artes" .
The first concert, which took place at 4 p.m. for 200 children from "Esperanza Azteca Guaymas", was given in the form of an educational concert, where the pianist talked directly to the audience, explaining the technique and history of each piece before playing.  The children were also given the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

The second concert, given later in the evening at 8 p.m. on the same day, was a more formal gala concert, where the beautiful music was deeply appreciated by the audience.

For all of the organization of this concert, we would like to thank the three hosts of the  event:

Yadira Cota, Sandra Herrmann, Delia Suarez

Durango, Durango, 21. June

Durango, Durango, 21. June

Jorge returned after 14 years to play  in his homeland for the first time since his departure, returning to the city where he was born, Durango, joining his family and old school friends.

The concert was given in the "Teatro Victoria" and half the tickets were already sold within the first week of sales!  The concert was eventually sold out and at the end of the concert, Jorge received a beautiful standing ovation that was full of emotion.

For the organization of this concert, we would like to thank:

Rubén Ontiveros
Maria Auxilio Capdevielle

Revista Duranyork

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 23. June
Guadalajara is the city in wich we have our first school, in the Coronilla. Jorge played in the magnificent "Teatro Degollado", one of the most beautiful theaters in Mexico.

The proceeds from this concert were divided in two, one-half for Crescendo con la Musica, the other half to aid the school "Centro Educativo la Barranca".


Mexico City , Mexico DF, 28. June

Mexico City was the last stop of the tour. The Palace of  "Bellas Artes", the last stage. The audience was blown away when Jorge gave two encores at the end of two compositions that he wrote some years ago.
A standing ovation and rounds of applause made for a wonderful end to this fantastic experience.

The tickets having been in part subsidized by the municipality, helped to significantly expand the audience.